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Prehab 101

Prehab 101

Prehab 101 is a workout app that not only caters to those looking to improve general health, but also those who want to recover from injuries.

Prehab knows that people come in all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels, and what's best for one person won't necessarily be best for another. It provides a reactive workout experience in which the user can start a workout program that’s tailored to a certain goal. Do you want to improve on your strength? Improve your body composition? Or maybe you'd like a little bit of everything as well as some conditioning. Choose whatever's right for you.

Prehab 101 will start you with a well-rounded base of challenge, but then it will start to tailor the challenge level to you. That way, if you can progress faster, you will, and if you need to progress slower, you will. Prehab takes all of that into account, and then it makes sure to never overdose or under-dose the workout experience for the user.

How Prehab 101 and Crowdbotics Built a Workout Planner That Helps You "Come Back Stronger"

When Jacob Harden first decided to build Prehab 101, he planned to release it as a website. It soon became clear, however, that he could deliver more value to users by building a native app. "Having a mobile app is better than telling people, 'Oh, we've optimized our website for a mobile experience,'" says Jacob. "With the app, we’re able to do a lot more in terms of logic."

His search for a trusted mobile development partner led him to Crowdbotics. Prehab 101 is powered by an algorithm that intelligently adapts the user's workout regimen according to their feedback after each round of workouts. Jacob relied on his years of professional chiropractic experience to map out the app's underlying workout logic, but he turned to Crowdbotics for help planning the user experience. "Crowdbotics guided me through a wireframing session that completely clarified my vision for building the best app possible."

Prehab 101 will soon be released for the iOS App Store, where it will offer users the same clinically validated approach to rehab that Jacob has been providing his clients and seminar attendees for years. "We’re bringing a scientific view to training and exercise, and it’s one of the more complex fitness apps on the market," says Jacob.

We recently sat down with Jacob to discuss his experience with Crowdbotics and his larger plans for Prehab 101 following its mobile launch.


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